Time and Place

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The time, 1944-1951-right after World War II when families were trying to put their lives back together. It was a safe and innocent time to grow up.

The place involved crossroad communities within a ten mile radius of Brookhaven, Mississippi: Zetus, Lloyd Star, and Bogue Chitto. This area of rural southwest Mississippi is located sixty miles due south of Jackson, Mississippi, the state capitol. We moved from Lloyd Star to Bogue Chitto the year I would start first grade. I went to live in Brookhaven with my aunt and uncle to attend school. For the next five summers I would visit my cousin Forest, Jr. in Lloyd Star, and stay with my parents in Bogue Chitto.

The Store was located directly across the road from Lloyd Star school. Forest, Jr. and his family lived in the back and there were gas pumps and a lift rack for oil changes out front. Inside the store were glass jars filled with everything from pickled pigs feet to bubble gum and candy. With one quick move, Forest, Jr. could swipe a handful of penny candy or a pack of cigarettes. In 1954 Forest Case,Sr. decided to become a preacher, sold his store, and the family moved from Lloyd Star. After a few changes in ownership, it was demolished.

photo credit: Roland L. Freeman