Rebekah, Esau, and Jacob


In 1980 I married an artist. I went to every show Bess Dawson presented to the world from the small, but imititable Gulf South Gallery. My husband and Bess would be hanging a show and would ask my opinion about my favorite paintings and where they should hang. When I would offer an opinion, they would smile and hang the piece at the back of the gallery. I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn. I would watch them judge a juried show. They would move quickly through the exhibit, and zero in on one piece. Bess would award the blue ribbon in less than ten minutes. Later, I watched as my husband juried a show and quickly awarded the Best In Show or the Blue Ribbon before I could even look around. But, never one to be a slow learner, I learned quickly from the two of them and today I realized that I understood what they tried to teach me. I visited Japonica Gallery and found Rebekah with Esau and Jacob. I didn't see any other piece in the gallery. I had to have it. This is the fortieth anniversary of Bess's Gulf South Gallery. It was known throughout the south for having the finest artists in this region.I want to thank her for teaching me that art is not an optional purchase- you just have to have it. Prudence McGehee today had the piece that will go in my apartment in New Orleans and I will think of her, of Bess, of Robin, and all the artists I have had the privilege to know in south Mississippi.

Suzanne Case July 6, 2011