Our People

Bass Player

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Bass Player on Royal Street.

A Traveler

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A Traveler, sitting on the curb, listening to a street band. He shares a squat with 35 others in New Orleans. He is a train hobo having done 48 states twice.

First Train Ride

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Jacey Garrity is taking her first train ride on the City Of New Orleans. Jacey and her father are going to Memphis. They will go to St. Jude's Hospital to celebrate her father Vincents 30 yr. cancer free life study..


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One of the best things about Fernwood Country Club was watching Flo Boyd teaching children how to swim. She hovered in the water, arms outstretched, and coaxed them to jump in. She taught faith,confidence,friendship and team spirit. These were lessons those children carried with them for the rest of their lives. And so did Flo- she remains unsinkable to this day..

Photo: by carroll case...Taken inside the Gulf South Gallery ...9/ 24/ 2011


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It's football season all over America, the NFL lockout is over, the stadiums are filled to capacity, and my adrenaline is pumping. Of course, I am re-telling stories of my glory days when my teammate was the best in the business...yes, I played football with the great Lance Alworth, Wide Receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers. We played in front of the Brookhaven train depot when we were twelve years old, dug cinders out of our bleeding knees, and drew a crowd every Sunday afternoon. I had visions of NFL stardom for myself. Lance went on to the NFL Hall of Fame.


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When I was a child, my uncle's tender arms were reassuring. I would sit in his lap and feel his strong heart beating against my back. At the age of six he found me in a hospital charity ward recovering from a tonsilectomy. Without a word he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to a private room that he had arranged.
As I grew older it was his strong arms that rescued me from a tractor accident, saving my life.

Cecil Rimes


Cecil Rimes, A master at photography, died sept. 7, 2011.He was 57 years old. During his career of 36 years he produced thousands of images. He spent his last years experimenting with plastic, and pinhole cameras. Cecil was from Magnolia, Ms. a fellow artist and friend.

"AIR HEAD"..by cecil rimes...positive negative polaroid pinhole photography


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Taken at Harrys Corner

Photo:by carroll case


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photo:by carroll case

Katherine Tobias


In the 1980's a small, county school in Magnolia, Mississippi was producing incredibly talented students in sports, law, medicine, and music. In one year South Pike High School won state championships in Boy's and Girl's Basketball, Football and Tennis. But perhaps the greatest talent ever produced in that microcosm of time was the magnificent voice of Katherine Tobias.