New Boy

scooter 009.JPG

Remember when you were in school and suddenly a new student would show up in your classroom. For days they would be called new boy or new girl. That is how Marley Wayne entered the seventh grade at Brookhaven.A loner, even then, Marley sparked a lot of curosity among his classmates. I sought him out on a railroad tressel. Sitting there, he told me how he could solve algebraic equations by looking into the bottom of an empty Dr. Pepper bottle. He claimed he could see numbers on the moon,and said cancer was caused by cotton poison.He never told me why the top button on his shirt was buttoned both winter or summer,or why he had a tic of placing one of his fingers in his ear when he spoke, or even why he collected used razor blades, and True Detective magazines.There was a lot more Marley Wayne did not tell me,as I would learn over the years.

photo:Marley Wayne's Dr. Pepper bottle