Life Being Extinct

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William Case was placed in jail here Saturday afternoon as a result of the coroner's jury charging him with murder in the first degree for killing his father-in-law, Elbert Leggett, a farmer who lived about eight miles east of Rosetta.
The cause of trouble was a minor family affair, which had existed for some time. The problem seemed to have ended until Wednesday last, when Case claims Leggett threatened to kill him. Saturday morning, after having been to Rosetta to swear out an affadavit against Leggett, Case was returning home on foot when he met Leggett in a wagon just a half mile from Rosetta, where Leggett was killed. The shot was heard in town, and in a few minutes the frightened team ran into Rosetta with the dead body in the wagon. Case at once made his way to a telephone and telephoned Sheriff Smith in Roxie to come after him, but before the officers arrived deputies had placed him under arrest, and he was committed to jail without bail by a justice of the peace to await the action of the grand jury, which convenes April 26.
It is said that Case will enter a plea of self-defense.

Last Tuesday morning about 10 o'clock, William Case, who had confessed to the killing of his father-in-law, Elbert Leggett, on April 17 near Rosetta, climbed to the top of his cell in the jail and plunged foremost to the concrete floor, meeting death almost instantly.
Two negro prisoners witnessed the act and immediately gave out the news through the window. In less than three minutes Sheriff Smith had entered the jail and found Case lying in a pool of blood from the crushed head, life being extinct in about ten minutes after the officers reached him. The negroes who saw the act stated that Case had been restless for some time and had climbed to the top of his cell three or four times before making the fatal jump. He told several on the outside of the jail that he feared being lynched and preferred suicide to that.

A letter was left addressed to his brother and read as follows:
Mr. Rufus Case
Loyd Star, Miss.
Dear Brother,
My time is here. They lay for me all night last night to mob me and I told them I had a gun. They are depending on it today or tonight so I will do it myself to keep that crew away from me. Meet me in heaven and ask God to forgive all. Leggett's friends has got the ups on me.