Swamp flowers


photo: by Rebecca Lawler



The real deal

photo: by Rebecca Lawler



Where are the GATORS????


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They are really fun!

Jimmy Honea's Final Place Of Rest

honea 039.JPG

A beautiful family cemetery deep in the woods

Memories of the Broadwater


Money and imagination can take you to many fabulous resorts, but in the 1980's if you had a tight budget and sweltered in the hot summer temperatures, the Broadwater Beach Hotel in Biloxi was the perfect getaway. It was the flagship of the Mississippi Gulf Coast (Redneck Riviera) before legalized gambling. Katrina blew it off the face of the earth in 2005.

After Midnight at Johnny White's

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It's after midnight at Johnny White's and another ritual is about to begin. Seven nights a week, 365 days a year, the working crew comes in to unwind at one of the quarter's most authentic bars. They start arriving sometime after 1 a.m. The "crew" is made up of chefs, waiters, musicians, and strippers. They are all black belt drinkers and big tippers.

It's All About the HAT!

hats 004.JPG

Nicholas Cage saw this hat through the window of Linda Keenan's popular boutique on Royal Street and bought it the next morning. My wife, who works at California Drawstrings, knows how I love hats so she brought one home for me. I lost my tour guide hat when a gutter rat on Jackson Square grabbed it off my head and ran. I don't know that I will ever be as emotionally attached to this one as I was my tattered straw with the peace sign on the band, but I'll give it a try.

Katherine Tobias


In the 1980's a small, county school in Magnolia, Mississippi was producing incredibly talented students in sports, law, medicine, and music. In one year South Pike High School won state championships in Boy's and Girl's Basketball, Football and Tennis. But perhaps the greatest talent ever produced in that microcosm of time was the magnificent voice of Katherine Tobias.

Rebbeca Case Lawler


Fitness expert,Tennis pro,Sports model....congratulations

photo:by carlton mickel..nola

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