Mark Essex , sniper


On Jan. 7,1973 in a siege of about 10 hours. Mark Essex,23, holedup in a Howard Johnson hotel on Loyola Blvd. and killed10 people among themthree police officers.

William Faulkner

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IN the year 1925 William Faulkner lived in an apartment behind the Cathedral in the Quarter. He wrote his first novel "A Soldiers Pay" while living there.

Valentine Xavier

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Caught walking down Royal St.

Find out more about Valentine Xavier at


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Charlie Hewitt, Carroll Case, and Lonny Ray

In the 1960s Charlie, a musician played on Bourbon Street....Jan.3rd 2012 we went back to recapture those memories.


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First painting in 2012
mixed media

Face on steel beams WTC


Yesterday, my daughter Rebecca and her husband Chad visited Ground Zero at the World Trade Center. Chad snapped a photo of the last remaining steel beams.To his surprise he saw an image of a face.Could it be the face of one of the terrorist Atta?

PHOTO: by Chad Lawler 12/3/2011

Atchafalaya Getaway

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A birthday surprise from my wife was a never to be forgotten getaway in Henderson Swamp in the Atchafalaya basin. Our houseboat was towed deep into the swamp and anchored in a beautiful and remote area. Grills on the deck were perfect for cooking hamburgers or grilling the fish we caught for our lunch. The sunset was everything my friend Greg Guirard had described to us. He is a photographer and guide and has served as a consultant to several movies that were made in this area. He joined us for drinks in the afternoon and told swamp stories until far into the night.

Granny's Corner

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They're getting harder and harder to find. They used to be down every back road in Mississippi and you could mount your motorcycle and leave home confident that soon you would be eating some of the best country food in the south. Now it's hard to find the little country store that serves up a blue plate special and a heavenly hamburger. Still cooking after all these years in McCall Creek, Mississippi is one of my favorite places...Granny's Corner. Hunters order the cheeseburger according to Genette Ratcliff, the cook who told me regardless of the special the hunters seem to want the burger.

Axe Murderer in the French Quarter

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The attacks were as gruesome as they were terrifying: An axe-wielding man was breaking into homes and attacking people across the French Quarter. In March, a person claiming to be the killer wrote a letter to the press, threatening to kill again but with a twist: People in homes where jazz was playing would be spared. By the time the attacks abruptly ended in August, at least six people had been hacked to death. Police believed that the attacker was a respectable citizen with a violent alter ego.

The year was 1919, he was never apprehended.

Riverscape silver

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cloth on canvas, mixed media, 16x20

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