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"If Barry Manilow is middle-of-the-road why the hell doesn't somebody run over him?"

"Who is watching the Watchmen"


he was almost certain that he had found the right spot,but the incapable of failing had started failing him as of late,and he could not any longer be positive of anything.he sat down on the clay bank,and touched the earth for he looked out across the lake he was convinced that he had found the place,the treasure of his youth.

Leaving Home

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I was about to start the first grade. We had moved from Loyd Star to Bogue Chitto"He is not going to Bogue Chitto Consolidated School and that's final." That's what I overheard my aunt telling my mother behind closed doors on a Sunday afternoon at my grandmother's house. "You're pregnant again, and you know as well as I do that your husband can't keep a job." She was talking about my Daddy. "You also know that you, Sue Baby and Sonny would have starved to death if it hadn't been for me and Essie. And God only knows what's going to happen when there's another mouth to feed.

Word Pictures

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Some of the word pictures are lifted as originally written in a journal that I kept over the years. I have tried to record these events as simply and as unpretentiously as the ochres, umbers, and siennas found so abundantly in my native Mississippi soil. I have taken the liberty to add to some of the stories the rich azures and malachites that enhance, harmonize, and contrast.

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