Plessy vs. Ferguson


Tourists visit St. Louis Cemetery Number One following tour guides who eagerly point out the grave of Marie Laveau. They linger there telling stories of the spirits she summoned and the supernatural powers she used in the practice of voodoo. But nearby is a gravesite that holds little interest for most who pass. Civil rights historians, writers and researchers pause at the grave of Homer Adolph Plessy, and recall the doctrine that was the basis of Jim Crow laws throughout the south, Separate, but Equal.

Marathons With Meaning

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Every Saturday before Easter the Crescent City Classic, a ten-kilometer race is run in New Orleans. Bert Rosson, of Jackson, makes final preparation for his first marathon as he pins on his number, takes water from his mother, Lane, and gets ready to join thousands of runners in front of Jackson Square. The course is flat and fast and lures Olympic caliber athletes, making the trip to test their personal best.

Confederacy of Dunces

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Standing in the doorway of the old building in the 800 block of Canal Street is a statue of Ignatius J. Reilly, the main character in the book CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES. The building is the old D.H. Holmes department store that figures prominently in the book. Thelma Toole was successful in securing a publisher for her son John Kennedy Toole's book after his death from suicide in May of 1969. Toole was despondent, 31 years old, unable to secure a publisher, and considered himself a failure. His book won a posthumous Pulitizer Prize ten years after his death.


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A 1.5 mile streetcar line on Loyola Avenue connecting the Union Passenger Station to Canal Street is scheduled for completion this year in time for Super Bowl 2012. Streetcars are popular modes of transportation in New Orleans in spite of efforts in the past to render them obsolete. If you have never taken the Canal Street streetcar to the end of the line you have missed a part of New Orleans that locals take for granted and tourists find intriguing.


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A southern thing there when we are born,marry, party, annd die....

Bass Player

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Bass Player on Royal Street.


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The thorn of the thistle.

The Natchez

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Big wheel keep on turning.

A Traveler

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A Traveler, sitting on the curb, listening to a street band. He shares a squat with 35 others in New Orleans. He is a train hobo having done 48 states twice.


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Sandcar for Streetcars.

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